jonny james

Hello, I'm Jonny James

After studying Biological Anthropology at the University of Toronto, I toured as a musician.

The desire to become the best Web Developer I can be was born out of a fascination with Design & Development and that beautiful place where they coalesce: Art & Science; Language and Storytelling; skin and bones; architecture and purpose; light and imagery; form and function.

Now my vision has expanded even further to focus on frontiers in Accessibility and being mindful of the environmental impact my creations have on the world we share.

If your website is a reflection of you, what do you want it to say?


  • JourneyMade Responsive Site

    Designed by the team over at Toronto-based Studio Function, this site was created using CSS3 and HTML5 to convert PSDs and brand elements into a fully functioning, responsive website.

    See it Here

  • Image of JourneyMade homepage
  • Oregon jQuery Gallery

    Using jQuery, I created a gallery of my favourite places in Oregon using photographs I made during a road trip there in 2014. Click on the images to see “fancy box” in action. Check it out!

    See it Here

  • two bull elk within border of oregon state
  • Weather API

    I created an API to give you the most accurate searchable weather forecast. Don’t let Mother Nature throw you a curve ball. Try it out!

    See it Here

  • Let It Beatles


    An API, that with a single click, matches your mood with a Beatle and a playlist composed entirely by them.

    See it Here

  • Album cover of The Beatles' "Let it be" album


  • Keen interest in Public Health and a strong desire to improve lives through UX/UI

  • HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive Design and WordPress

  • Learning AngularJS and nodeJS while honing my skills in Design, UX and Accessibility

This is Goldie. We go everywhere together.

my bicycle named Goldie because of her gold wheels